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By paying a visit to our website, you accept this Agreement. Perfect Custom Boxes.com reserves every right to make modifications to these conditions without any prior notice and at any time. Therefore, we would recommend you to thoroughly read this page on a regular basis.

Perfect Custom Boxes.com will not share their material nor sell it to any third party. Though our company does reserve the right of distributing free samples of your printed products or items, or it can display them on the website to manifest its expertise and skills in the area.

User Content:

You will be responsible for any content that you send our way, upload, post, transmit, or publicize to or via our webpage. You agree that any material that is being sent by you, uploaded, or publicized to our webpage or is used in any connection with our site contents should will never include any trademark, text or image. Nor will you upload, post or publicize any copyright work of any third party, unless reasonable permissions are obtained from the owners for the purpose of use. You agree you will not be using either our website or services with any user content to offer services or products that will violate any third party publicity rights. Nor will you make use of any other proprietary right or intellectual property that is unlawful, threatening, abusive, harmful, harassing of another entity’s privacy, false, vulgar, trade libelous, intentionally misleading, patently offensive, obscene (e.g. any material that hatred, promotes, physical harm, racism or any kind of act that is against a certain individual or group) or any kind or nature that can be harmful to minors in any particular way.

We simply do not have any control on the material being shared/uploaded by our website clients. Hence we cannot guarantee any integrity, validity, or quality of the material. Perfect Custom Boxes cannot be held liable for any web content that any one of you find harassing, offensive, unlawful or abusive.

Please acknowledge Perfect Custom Boxes has the authorization to remove or erase any content or material that is violating Terms and Services or may be objectionable. Perfect Custom Boxes reserves all the rights of keeping the content posted on or to the website. Further it can disclose it (if needed) (a) enforcement of terms of services, (b) sticking to judicial process, (c) responding to the assert that content is violating the third party rights, (d) protecting the safety and rights of our website, its users, and the general public.

If you wish to receive our products, then you are responsible of providing us with the accurate information to our website. We have not designed a website that is to be used or accessed by any robots. Any mischievous or fraudulent use of our website which can violate the Terms and Services of our Perfect Custom Boxes entity will be considered unlawful and strict judicial action will be taken against the act.

If you are using our website and have placed an order, you need to be assured that you have all necessary permission and legal rights to place an order. Perfect Custom Boxes.com will definitely create something unique and different in terms of products on your behalf. When using our website, you need to be assured you are the appropriate legal age that is allowed for the creation of legal obligations for any kind of liability that you can face as customers.

Only you will have the legal right of keeping your account login details and information protected. You will be controlling the access of your registered accounts on our website. You will be held liable for all orders and requests placed. It is going to be your behalf and responsibility if someone access your account to place an order through our website. You are permitting access to the website for the creation, modification, or reuse of content from our website when either you or an authorized person has access to your account. You are granting the access of reusing, creating, modifying, reproducing, or displaying content from our website when either you or anyone else who has access to your account.

In order to gain access to all the features our website has on offer, our company requires users to register their emails along with a passcode for any further access in the future. If deemed necessary, our website will have all rights to inquire for any personal or business information.

Only you will be the one responsible for protecting the login details or information including your password. You are to not disclose these details with anyone or in front of any individual. If, in case of any unauthorized use or access to your account by someone, you are agreeing that you shall take full responsibility for any such mischievous activities.

If you frequently use our website and wish to use our services being offered, it is proof of acknowledgement that you agree with the Privacy Policy set by Perfect Custom Boxes. You further agree of reading and understanding to the fullest the Privacy Policy. You agree the company can collect and use your personal or business data as per stated in the Privacy Policy.

Indemnification & Limitation of Liability:

Your business accepts to defend any indemnify and will hold PerfectCustomBoxes.com and its crew unaccountable including employees, directors, representatives, suppliers, vendors, affiliates, and subcontractors from or against any damages, claims, or changes in event that some claim, charge, or arbitration or demand, action or proceeding is made against the company (collectively a claim). Mainly because of alleged wrongful actions of the customers or the printing performed on the products is unproven by the company and ordered by customers.

In any case, Perfect Custom Boxes is going to be held liable for any death, accident, loss, injury, damage, claim, any special punitive which includes employees, members, directors, representatives, affiliates and subcontractors that may be caused either by using the website or through the information that was received. Even if any party was advised about the probabilities or possibilities of such damages.

In no conditions or circumstances shall the company be completely liable to the customers for all lose, damages and causes of action that may include, but may not be limited to negligence arising from this agreement. Or from the use of webpage exceed the cost that has been paid by you to our company for any request or order.

Return & Refund Policy:

If any delivered product is found faulty, or the printing is not in accordance to the specified instructions, then you must inform the company within the next 3 business days after the reception of your order. Since these options have been customized, they therefore do not qualify for resale. Therefore, we will reprint your originally placed order but we do not offer any monetary refunds. Our management team will conduct the defect analysis. In order for customers to receive the reprinting of their original order, they are to submit original pictures of the products that were defected. At the same time, they need to send the defected items to our company at their own expenditure within 7 business days in order to get the reprints. The defected products will not be intended for the company’s use. Bear in mind orders that are accelerated will have charges that cannot be refunded.

Order Placements, Payments, and Cancellations

All the prices mentioned on the website are in U.S. Dollars (USD). The transactions too will be dome in the similar currency. As soon as the company receives the total cost of the project or order, the team will commence your work. But be mindful these charges will include all taxes, shipping, designing etc. The payment is to be received through a potential payment source.

For the placement of any order, the users are also required to approve the final electronic specifications sheet of either the services or printing products they are to purchase. Your order is going to be processed once you are certain of the order you have placed with us and after your final approval is given to us. Only after the final approval is followed will the production be processed. Once you have approved a job and it has been forwarded in production, there will remain no chances of any change from the timeframe, design, quantity etc. However, customers do have the choice of canceling the order within the next 4 hours once the final approval of order is placed. Bear in mind this cancelation is going to be charged by the company. You will have to either pay $25 or at least 10% of the entire order cost. The customers are also given the option of canceling the order within the next 12 hours of order placement. By then, the cancelation charges will go up to 35% of the total amount of placed order. This is to cover up for the resources and material and the manpower used by the company. The company invested in producing your products for which you will be charged. However, the company cannot guarantee your order will be cancelled after you have done so after 12 hours.

Design Services:

You will be offered free designing support by Perfect Custom Boxes. However, once customers have placed the order and the designing services are then offered, but later on the clients go on to cancel the order, in such instances the designing services will be charged as per accordance to the time and services provided by the company. Also, PerfectCustomBoxes.com will not offer any adjustments or refunds for the designing services orders. The customers accept to not cancel their orders pertaining only to the services of designing.

Sales Tax Policy:

Those orders received within the State of New York will be charged with Sales Tax. If customers wish to be tax exempted, they please need to provide their tax exemption certificate at the time they are placing their order with us.

Customers Submitted Artwork/Files:

Our skilled designers, upon receiving the artwork from the clients, work on it to create new striking designs. Customers must ensure they are providing graphic files or artwork to be at least 300 dpi. The format too must be CMYK. This is to ensure the customers get best quality and finest final results.

The customers are going to be solely responsible for any exaggerated, blurred file, or anything we do not deem fit, arise due to the graphic/artwork files that have been provided by the customers in formats other than CMYK. Or in formats, fonts, or sizes other than described by the company in this section.

Perfect Custom Boxes, while taking all sorts of precautionary measures in order to avoid any kind of loss of the customers. However, it must be noted the customers will be held responsible, once the order has been placed, should you find any difference in the final product. The company is not be blamed for this indifference. Moreover, Perfect Custom Boxes is not going to be blamed for any loss of the printed orders of the customers.

The customers are to ensure that the material whether artwork or graphic or any other text provided to the company either for references or to be used for the purpose of production, is the property of the customer by law.

Perfect Custom Boxes reserves every right of declining an order which, in our personal opinion, is considered to be unlawful or it is violating any third party rights. When you will be placing an order as a customer, you are accepting the sole responsibility and liability of the material that has been created based on your directions.

Perfect Custom Boxes also reserve the rights of declining any order without stating or specifying any obvious reason. Perfect Custom Boxes will also not print any offensive, unlawful or abusive material.

Color Accuracy and Proofs:

Once our customers confirm the order, they take full responsibility of providing the product or service final form. They need to ensure these are submitted either through hard copy or electronically in order for us to proceed for the final product or prints. The customers need to take sole responsibility for the final proof. Hereby, it would be advised to the customers to first thoroughly examine the proof and update it before finalizing and sending it for printing. The company will not be held responsible in any sort of delays in printing that is caused by errors in the proof, or if the customers are not able to offer the final proof on time. Moreover, bear in mind the standard turnaround time as stated by our company is the time after the final approval of actual design or product specifications as per confirmed by the customers.

We strongly advise our customers to first thoroughly check proofs, such as layout, designs, graphics, expected errors in the copy, punctuation, or errors in the spelling and spacing before it is sent us and agreed upon. Perfect Custom Boxes shall not be held responsible for the printed vision of products with laminations, if these contain any error.

Due to printing limitations, the company cannot guarantee the exact color matches as specified in submitted artwork files or proof. While Perfect Custom Boxes aims at taking utmost care to ensure that the printing material bears the nearest or closest possible colors as per the artwork or proof, still you need to understand the company shall not be held responsible for the matching ink, color, density on the printed items as per approved by the clients.

We will only guarantee color match or accuracy if you order from us a hard copy proof. Please take note hard copy proofs are slightly pricier.

No Liability for Errors:

Perfect Custom Boxes shall not be responsible as it is to assume that the customers have verified the grammar, spelling, layout, and content etc. The customers have ensured the correction of these factors as per our assumption and we shall not take any acceptability or liability for any errors such as graphics, misspelling, damaged fonts, grammar, transparency, punctuation, improper layout, overprint, fold lines or erroneous cuts, bleeding, crop marks or die lines, sizing etc.

Overruns Under runs:

Though it is a standard practice of 5% extra or lesser quantity of the products delivered. However, for Perfect Custom Boxes, we ship the exact placed order along with a little extra amount which will not be included in your cost.

Production, shipments, and deliveries of orders:

Keep note that once you’ve paid for your order upfront in full that is when your turnaround time with Custom Perfect Boxes commence. We will require all necessary information for the completion of your order (correct data files, all artwork, shipping details, all needed fonts for the purpose of editable form etc.) and once your proof gets an approval. Any delays in the reception of *any* of the above mentioned info can lead to production delays. The company shall not be held responsible for any such delays. The shipping time is not included in the turnaround time (which can normally vary from 3 to 4 business days). Since we are currently under a massive volume of orders and shipping, a slight delay is expected.

Copyright Notice:

By making use of our website, you are acknowledging and well aware of the fact that all logos, trademarks, data, images, content, graphics, maps, icons, illustration and other relevant content is collectively termed as “Our Website Content”  is the property of Perfect Custom Boxes.com. No one is permitted on using this or make any kind of changes. You are thereby not permitted to copy, store, update, republish or distribute this content. This act is strictly prohibited and shall be taken serious with strict legal actions. You will require written permission from the company for the purpose.


You are entitled to review the most recently updated version of our Terms of Service on this page. The Terms of Service is Subject to change at any time.

The company reserves all rights, at our sole discretion, to change, update, or replace any part or the whole of these Terms of Service by simply posting any changes or updates to the website. You are responsible of checking our website periodically for any change or update. Your continued use of our website or access to it or our Service following any changes to the Terms of Services posted constitutes as an acceptance of these modifications.