Custom Printed Mylar Bags

A biodegradable Mylar and zipper bags that protect the product up to the next level. With the help of sealed or zip it create a barriers and do not allow the air to enter the bags and can react with product.

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What Makes Our Custom Mylar Bags Top Packaging Choice?

Though these are not a new addition to the packaging industry the touch of innovation has made them popular over the past few years. Especially when it comes to the safety features of custom Mylar bags, these have become a great choice for edibles and medicinal items. For those who are new to the world of Mylar, these are easy-to-open and close bags made from polyester films. Due to that resilient material, these become unique physically and chemically. The unique composition makes them preferable over conventional plastic. Moreover, we can modify it into any design and setting we like. The item inside is also safe from external aspects. The polyester will not affect the composition of the item stored inside. All that is enough to make it a popular choice among manufacturers and vendors.

Zipper Bags for Added Convenience and Ease of Access

Mylar is a great choice regarding the convenience of end users. Unlike other packaging solutions, these also come in the form of zipper bags. As is obvious from the name the upper side is fitted with an easy-to-open and close zip. After taking out the item you want to use, just close the zip to keep the item as it was before fresh and untouched. That is a great facility for those items that users do not use at once. Instead, they take out a portion of the item and then close the bag. In addition to that it is also one of the best safety measures saving you from spills and wastage. In the absence of the zip, it will not be easy enough to reclose the bag. That way your food items remain safe from oxygen, moisture, and direct impact of sunlight.

Personalized Pouch Bags with Added Level of Security

Certain items come up with the need for added security as well as safety features. Especially producers of medicinal products are always on the quest for such packaging solutions. Stand-up pouch bags are one great solution for that purpose. We especially produce and design bags with protective child lock features. It is to ensure that the medicines and other edibles inside the bag are safe from the reach of kids. That is a great measure for cannabis and other such items. As we know Mylar will keep your items safe from Oxygen and moisture, so it is a hot choice for dried flowers marijuana, etc. However, it is also a fact that these items are not meant for children. So a child lock is like a blessing. If you have in mind some other safety feature in addition to that you can also share it with us.

Brand Propagation and Marketing with Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Like all other packaging solutions, the Custom Printed Mylar Bags are a better choice as compared to plain label-less bags. Usually, the polyester material will not allow any sort of printing on its shiny surface. However, we have made it possible with the use of cutting-edge technology and now you can print anything on them from logos to product descriptions. Many items come with safety instructions or at least with the information about the ingredients. These are more user-friendly as compared to plain or simple bags with no print on them. It also plays a role in company branding and marketing. Your items with printed stuff are more easily identical in the racks. For marketing purposes, you can also print information about your upcoming products or similar items from the same range. In addition, we also offer inside printing. You can thus print additional information on the inside.

Custom Mylar Bags in all Styles, Sizes and Shapes

The Mylar bags do not just come in the traditional straight pouch with no or little printing. Instead, these are available in as many styles and shapes as you like or need. With transparent solutions, you can offer your items with a clear view. End users can see what is inside the bag without opening it. In the same way, a bag with a clear window is also a great idea for marketing and user convenience. When it comes to shapes we have a limitless version for you. You can order any shape that you think is suitable for the propagation and marketing of your item. For instance a dog-shaped bag for storing dog food or related medicine. In the same way, gussets, stand-up pouches, and flat bottoms are a great idea to enhance your shelf value.

Great Financial Perks with Mylar Bags Wholesale

The biggest worry for a business person is regarding the cost of manufacturing. In the packaging industry, some items like the Mylar are quite costly. However thanks to our Mylar bags wholesale there is no need to fret about the cost or extra expense. When you place the order in bulk we offer you tremendous savings. Not only that but you also get some other benefits in addition to the usual perks that we offer. With free design service and consultation, you also get no charges for plates or dies. You are not bound for low or minimum order quantity yet if you order in bulk or larger than usual quantities it will benefit you unexpectedly. We also offer a free storage facility to those customers who cannot store an excessive number of Mylar bags at their place. Whatever is the case place your order now to get maximum perks.


Available in all custom sizes

Printing & Add On

CMYK, PMS, Foiling, Spot UV, Embossing, Plastic Window.


10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) Kraft, Eco Friendly, E-flute.Mini

Minimum Run

Starts from 100 boxes.




Die cutting, pasting, perforation.

Mock Up

Free Digital Proof With 2D & 3D view.


Fastest Turnaround time.



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