CD Covers

CD covers tell about what is being contained in the CD. These covers are very important for grabbing the attention of people who come to the shop to buy a certain CD. CD covers should be interesting or somewhat unique enough to compel the buyer to buy it. This covers come in many different designs. In spite of all the differences in the various designs of the covers, all the covers possibly have the following segments in which the CD is being kept: (1) Front cover (2) Back cover (3) Spine (4) Booklet (5) Different types of CD covers:
In the market, many different covers are available out of which some of the noticeable covers are the following: Four panel CD jacket Six panel CD jacket Two panel CD jacket
The importance of CD covers:

CD covers are necessary items for the Safety and protection of your CDs from the outer environment. These covers provide information about the content of the CD. For example, if the CD is related to a cooking show then the CD cover will depict about the name of the chefs, recipes, ingredients and so.
The CD won’t get any dirt when kept in covered and can be used for quite a longer period.